Gallery Night Or Heal & A Meal*

Gallery Night is a Group Reading Event. The evening starts with a brief introduction and mediation. Once that is complete and in the time allowed, Tiffany will read whomever would like to be read in the group, typically she only allows one question per participant so that she can get to as many people as possible.  Group readings can be very profound, typical comments made from those that attend, even if they did not ask a question are; “wow, I got a lot from what she said to that other person”, “even though I did not get a message from my loved-one that passed, when she was talking to that other person, I felt like she was talking to me”.

Common questions audience members ask:

  • "Tiffany I am concerned about my job, can you tell me if I am going to lose it or what is going on?"

  • "My Grandpa passed last July, does he have any messages for me?"

  • "I am concerned over my health, do you see anything for me to be concerned over, am I ok?"

  • "I am a business owner and I want to invest in “xyz”, is it a good idea or not?"

  • "I would like to meet the ideal woman/man for me, do you see me alone or someone coming into my life?"

Ms. Masters is able to look at and answer all these types of questions & more! Come and experience this for yourself, you will be very happy you did!

Depending on if this is a Public or Private Event pets maybe allowed and read!!

*Some people like to have more private events where guests can have either a potluck or dinner provided by the host. There are only two differences between a Gallery Night and a Heal & A Meal event, the dinner/potluck being one and more intimate group (12 or more less then 20) in which Tiffany will be able to answer at least 1 question per guest, sometimes two!

Are you interested in Hosting a Heal & Meal, please contact Tiffany Masters International office at 210.296.4383 to discuss dates, times and pricing.

Pricing for these events is based on Public or Private event, location, projected participants. Ticket pricing typically starts at approx $35/pp.

Meet Your MATE!  New Moon Meditation & Ceremony
Are You Single & Ready To Meet Your Mate, aka Your Wife, Your Husband?

Are you 100% single? Not dating anyone special? Not in an on/off relationship? Not having “those” feeling about a someone in particular? Then this is the event/evening for you! This is for anyone who looking for love and their LIFE MATE, we are not saying Soul Mate as Soul Mates can be friends and family, we are talking “THE ONE”.

This evening is specifically focused on the night of the New Moon, a time to bring new things into our lives. The group will start the evening with getting clear on what you want and don’t want in your LIFE MATE, the specific qualities you would like to experience in a healthy, loving relationship. Tiffany will assist and guide all participants through this process until everyone is clear, open and ready to receive.

Next, will be a guided meditation in which you will call forth and meet your LIFE MATE!!!

The end of the evening will close with a sacred ceremony of letting go and allowing the new to come in fully into physical manifestation.

If you interested in Hosting Meet Your MATE, New Moon Meditation & Ceremony please contact Tiffany Masters International office at 210.296.4383 to discuss dates, times and pricing.

Refund Policy – Events & Class Ticket Purchase

There are no refunds of Event Tickets or Class/es purchased. You may sell/transfer to someone else. The ONLY exception to the Refund Policy is if Tiffany Masters International cancels an event, then full refunds will be given with 72 hours of canceled event date.

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