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60-Minute In-Person / Phone / Skype Session $120 USD

About Healing Sessions


    Tiffany has many natural born gifts, or stated another way, she is a natural born Healer. She is a Medical Intuitive, Empathic Alternative Healer, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient.

     To better understand this amazing opportunity to have a healing session with her, a definition and what you can expect during your experience with Tiffany is as follows:

  •  As a Medical Intuitive, she can see disturbances in the body and your energetic field aka, your aura. This can also be called Clairvoyant, the seeing and reading of energy.

  • As an Empathic Alternative Healer she sometimes feels in her body what you are feeling in yours. Example: if you have a headache, she too will have a headache however typically only during the time she is working with you whether in person or remotely. This can also be described as a Clairsentient psychic.

  • Clairaudient is the ability hear sounds said to exist beyond the reach of ordinary experience or capacity.

     In an in-person Healing Session, Tiffany will scan your body for disturbances using all her gifts. She will then gently places her hands over your body. Using healing frequencies & vibrations to find and release disturbances. Energetic vibrations empathically move through her to your physical being. Tiffany connects to the Universal Source which has best been described as "50 million tiny light beams coming though her hands to your body".  Together, Tiffany and you will be in a state of consciousness known as "In the Flow".  This spiritual connection to Universal Love simultaneously joins with the Universal Light, Tiffany, and you, facilitating an intensely focused and grounded healing experience. This process may affect the body immediately and allows for spontaneous remission.

     In a phone or Skype Healing session Tiffany goes into an expanded state and will do her best to describe what she is seeing and where in your body she is working. In this expanded state she may stutter, stop in mid-sentence, and her voice and tone may also change. Please know this for her is no different then in-person sessions, her energy is right with you where you are at.

     On occasion Tiffany will the support the release of a disturbance by allowing it to pass through her body and out, this can come in many forms, burping, spitting, crying, this is known as being an “earth healer” this in NO Way or any level hurts Tiffany in any way!Tiffany uses all these gifts in both her in-person and remote healing sessions. She is also able to work with you via phone or skype as stated above.


Inside the United States:
     Please call Tiffany Masters International office at 210.296.4383. Calling is a much quicker way to get on the calendar vs email or FaceBook.

OUTSIDE the United States / International
     You are welcome to call +1 210 437 1647, however email is also acceptable at, FaceBook messenger, or use the Contact Tab ABOVE.
PLEASE NOTE: When emailing, please let us know what city, country, and TIMEZONE you are in so that we may accommodate you correctly.


REMOTE Healing Requests

*All emailed receipts/payment confirmations will say "Highest Healer" this is a division of Tiffany Masters International. If you did not get a receipt your payment did not go through. You are welcome to purchase as many sessions as you like, all sales are final. See Refund Policy below.

How to Book A Healing Session with Tiffany

     Anyone can make a remote healing request on behalf of themselves or other loved ones. This is something Tiffany does as a give-back and to date, does not charge for this.

     Here are the guidelines that must be followed anything less or more, your request will be DISCARDED:

  • Use the form on the “Contact Us” page.

  • In the “Subject Line” put “HEALING REQUEST” in all caps.

  • In the message portion, ONLY and she means ONLY put the following, please hear us she is very anal about this, any more information and she will toss out the request. Please do as follows:

                                                             Name of the person: Suzie Que
                                                             Location: San Antonio, TX – or as best you know

     Tiffany will respond with two words and only two words to your request so that you know she has it and is diligently working to help this person. She will say, “GOT IT” nothing more.

     If you do not get a response back it is most likely because you submitted a request and did not follow the protocol. Resubmitt as stated above, upon resubmission if you do not get a response back then there is an issue with the email so please feel free to call the office +1 210.437.1647 and leave a message as follows, “This is a remote healing request the name of the person is Suzie Que in San Antonio, TX” and leave your contact information. She will either call you back and let you know she has “got it” or she will email you with this same response.

Please understand when Tiffany says “GOT IT” she means it, there is nothing more for you to say or do.

45-Minute In-Person / Phone / Skype Session $95.00 USD

30-Minute In-Person / Phone / Skype Session $65.00 USD

Refund Policy – Intuitive Consulting and/or Healing Sessions

All Intuitive Services & Healing services purchased are non-refundable. If you purchase a bundle of sessions (can purchase as many as you like) you can use for yourself, give as gifts or sell them. All sales are final.

Fee Schedule / Pricing*