Tiffany Masters as your Pet Sitter - More Information to come, please check back!!

Since Tiffany was a little girl she has always had a deep, deep love for all animals. It is only a natural expression for her unique gifts of reading energy that it translates to communication with beloved fur babies, pets, farm animals, wild animals and more! Those who have spend time with Tiffany will commonly joke and call her "Ms. Dolittle" as even wild animals are drawn into her presence on a regular basis. This also makes Tiffany an amazing Pet Sitter if you are lucky enough to book her, see section below "Petting Sitting With Tiffany Masters".

You do not need to be in Tiffany's presence for her to read your beloved pet. Tiffany has read for animals she has never met, seen or known. She recently read for a horse in NJ that keep showing her his teeth and when Tiffany told the mom she had it checked out and sure enough there were issues with the horses teeth. She also recently read for 2 kitties in Houston, TX and told their owner/mom why they were unhappy, what the issues were and how to fix them!  Tiffany can work with your pet over the phone, via Skype or in-person in San Antonio, TX.

For those of you that want a joint Human & Pet session that is always available to you. You can use the links on her Life Readings page, pay for the amount of time you desire and she will read for both of you. After paying for your time, please contact her directly at 210.296.4383 to get on her calendar!

Intuitive Business & Life Consulting, Animal/ Pet Communicator, Intuitive-Medium

Animal / Pet Communication

Refund Policy
All services purchased are non-refundable. If you purchase a bundle of sessions (can purchase as many as you like) you can use for yourself, give as gifts or sell them. All sales are final.

Joint Pet Communication & Massage with Jimi Khoh & Tiffany Masters, ONLY in San Antonio, TX!

Tiffany Masters International

Jimi Khoh & Tiffany Masters have paired up to bring your pet this very unique experience in San Antonio, TX.  They will work with your beloved dog or cat to bring messages and information through &  give your pet therapeutic massage and much needed relaxation.

Tiffany and Jimi have been working together for many years and have recently gone public with this joint offering.

You can book your appointment for your fur babies by calling Tiffany Masters directly at 210.296.4383.

Jimi & Tiffany offer:

  • For ONE pet, 30-minute session, in which 15 mins are used for the Communication with your beloved pet (Tiffany Masters) & 15 minutes of therapeutic massage (Jimi Khoh) 30 minute sessions are $60.

  • For TWO pets, 1-hr session, in which 30 mins are used for the Communication with your beloved pets (Tiffany Masters) & 30 minutes of therapeutic massage (Jimi Khoh). 1-hr sessions are $120.

  • For more than two, please call Tiffany directly to discuss 210.296.4383.

  • For Jimi and Tiffany to come to you, please call to discuss with Tiffany directly 210.296.4383.

To learn more about Jimi Khoh, please click here!

How to book your JOINT session with Tiffany & Jimi:

Please call Tiffany direct at 210.296.4383 and she will get on the calendar, send payment link, address, and final confirmation. Please note: Sessions with Jimi and Tiffany are NOT fully confirmed until payment is made and confirmation email has been received.

It is very important that you arrive 10 mins early to your appointment. If you are late, it will come out of your time. If you miss your appointment, you then forfeit your session fee and it becomes a no-show fee.  We do our best to accommodate everyone.

For Pet/Animal MASSAGE ONLY with Jimi Khoh, please contact him directly at 210.867.1053.

For Pet/Animal COMMUNICATION ONLY, feel free to contact Tiffany direct at 210.296.4383.